Who is Jasmine Brown 2017?

Since its inception in 2014, De’Lish Cafe has been a leading sponsor and supporter of Last Poet Standing.  Owner Jasmine Brown gives an inside look at her current life experiences as a female entrepreneur of color and supporter of the arts.  As a longtime supporter of TCE, we sat down to chat about how live has been post Spring of 2016.

Q:  How did it all start for you?

A: DeLish was a concept from my husband and myself. The menu is compiled of dishes we’ve had from restaurants we’ve visited in other states. My husband loved spicy foods so that’s why our menu has a somewhat New Orleans style to it.

Q:  Tell me about a time that it was  hard to be a business owner . How did you handle it?”

A: The hardest time I had being a business owner was when my husband passed. Things were really rough in the first few months. The strength of my children, a lot of prayers and hard work was what helped me get through that rough time. The hardest time I had being a business owner was when my husband passed. Things were really rough in the first few months. The strength of my children, a lot of prayers and hard work was what helped me get through that rough time.

Q:  Why do you love the ARTS, Specifically Spoken Word and self-expression?   

A: I’ve always had a LOVE for the arts. I feel like someone that is able to get up on the microphone in front of people and share their most intimate thoughts and feelings to an audience is AMAZING! Its a beautiful gift. I love watching someone on stage pour out their life in words. It’s really unexplainable sometimes!


 Q:  What is a normal day like for you? 

A:  A normal day for me would consist of checking emails and returning phone calls in the morning. Running errands for the restaurant and making sure my kids are good. Taking calls throughout the day.. maybe a quick meeting with a friend. Trying to find something to eat in between time. Eventually making my way back to the restaurant to make sure my guests are getting taken care of. Depending on what day it is I may not get home until after midnight.



Q:  What is something that people do not know about you?

A:  I really wish I could take ballet classes. I love the way dancers move so gracefully and how their bodies are in tune with the music that is being played. Dance is just a beautiful form of art to me!

Q:  Currently, what are two joys and two challenges about being a entrepreneur?

A: Not having to answer to anyone…. you are your own boss.

Knowing that I’ve created jobs that’s helping people take care of their family is one of the greatest feelings in the world! 2) You are your own boss, if you don’t do it, sometimes it will not get done.  Learning that you can’t please everyone can be such a terrible thing to battle with. Especially when you’re a people pleaser!

Q:  What is your favorite movie; last three years?

A:   My favorite movie… of all times would be Carlitos Way!  It’s such a beautiful love story played throughout the movie.  The last three years… 12 Years A Slave! Epic movie!

Q:  Why is supporting Local – State important to here?

A:   Being a entrepreneur myself, I know the cliche blood, the sweat, the tears that’s put into owning a business. I know that when I support a local business I support my community a family that I can interact with. A voice and a face that most of the time I can touch and see. It’s a great feeling knowing that I’m helping provide the means to someone’s dream!


$1000.00 Cash Prize to The Last Poet Standing, August 25, 2017


Sierra Leone, 937-241-4957

The Signature: A Poetic Medley Show
to Host Spoken Word Competition –
Last Poet Standing IV
August 25, 2017
Aronoff Center – Jarson-Kaplan Theater

Cincinnati, OH – LAST POET STANDING IV returns to the Aronoff Center! Last Poet Standing IV is a head-to-head spoken word competition which will be featured as a part of the tenth season of the Off-Broadway Theatrical Revue The Signature: A Poetic Medley Show. This ‘Unorthodox SPOKEN WORD Competition’ has brought the best performing artists across the Midwest to the stage! LAST POET STANDING has a large individual grand prize of $1,000, and this summer OFP Productions will collaborate with several organizations to present LPS in the Aronoff Center’s intimate and beautiful Jarson-Kaplan Theater in downtown Cincinnati at 650 Walnut Street on Friday, August 25 from 8:00 PM–11:00 PM. The Signature Lounge opens in the lobby at 7:30 PM, featuring live music and a full bar.

OFP created this style of competition in Dayton thirteen years ago. The #LPS Poetry Competition will feature the word-play, story-telling, fiery aesthetic of Spoken Word. The one night only head-to-head competition will highlight performers from across the Midwest. Competitors will perform original work and the event host is nationally-renowned Philadelphia ‘Brave New Voices’ coach Just Greg. Live music will be infused into the competition, highlighting music from all genres (Reggae, Jazz, Funk, Blues, R&B, and more) and decades. Come out to enjoy the Signature’s third production of the Decade season and watch the best poets in the region battle to be the Last Poet Standing and win ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!  Six of the competitors this year are from Cincinnati.

General admission tickets are $26.00 and are on sale now at www.CincinnatiArts.org, (513) 621-ARTS [2787], or at the Aronoff Center Ticket Office. Student discount tickets are $16 and are available ONLY at the Aronoff Center Ticket Office with student ID.

The winner of Last Poet Standing IV will receive a grand prize of $1,000 and the second-place winner will be featured during the 2018 season of The Signature. This event is designed to spotlight the word-play, story-telling, fiery aesthetic of spoken word and will be hosted by DJ Vader and nationally-renowned performing artist Just Greg Corbin.

“Last Poet Standing IV is a universal platform that bridges all ages and communities,” said Sierra Leone of Oral Funk Poetry Productions. “It opens the door for everyone to come together and share the same space. It takes a lot of heart to be a part of this. Past years’ competitions have been amazing and even featured high school students from Wordplay Cincy and Stivers School for the Arts [Dayton, OH]. The production serves as an homage to the spoken word genre and will be a night of exciting, fast-paced, engaging, and spontaneous fun.”

Host for the evening, Greg “Just Greg” Corbin, is a poet, writer, teacher, hip hop artist and community activist. He has performed across the globe from England to South Africa and shared stages with India Arie, Mos Def, Nikki Giovanni, and Saul Williams, among others. Founder of the Philadelphia Youth Poetry Movement (featured on the HBO program “Brave New Voices”), Greg is a socially and politically engaged artist, frequently conducting workshops in prisons and schools and tackling controversial topics including religion, the politics of education and love, bullying, racism, and parenting in today’s world

DJ Vader and Baoku Moses will be the featured entertainment during Last Poet Standing IV.  Cincinnati-based on air radio personality, DJ Vader, has been recognized as “Best DJ/Radio Personality” by Best of Black Cincinnati. You can hear him spinning your Old School favorites on Cincinnati’s 100.3, or on his podcast, WTFU Radio. Baoku Moses is a multi-talented performing artist, who is well rounded as an actor, drummer, dancer, teacher Afro-beat singer, songwriter, producer, band leader, and a composer. Baoku’s creative use of percussion with strains of American jazz to create his Afro-beat music is a masterpiece.  In addition, Cincinnati Visual Artist Ryan Nichole will display original Art Work. For more information about Ryan’s art, visit https://www.facebook.com /ryannicholestudios/.

“Last Poet Standing IV is a great opportunity for the community to support urban creative arts,” Leone said. “It is a wonderful theatrical option for those who love the arts and want to experience all the genres within spoken word and poetry.”

The Signature is supported by the Cincinnati Arts Association, Signature Educational Solutions, University of Dayton IACT, Oregon Printing, Delish Café, Bold Creative Solutions & Tripple Croxx.  Sponsorship opportunities are still available for local businesses interested in increasing their visibility while investing in the arts in Cincinnati. For sponsorship information, contact Oral Funk Poetry Productions at (937) 241-4957.

The Signature: A Poetic Medley Show has earned a reputation across the Midwest for being edgy, thought provoking, groundbreaking, funny, engaging, sexy, diverse, and spontaneous. More information and details are available online at www.tripplecroxxent.org the home of Urban Creative Arts.

2017 Last Poet Standing Participants v7


2017 Last Poet Standing Participants v7


$1000.00 to The LAST POET STANDING Cincinnati Edition

SIGN-UP TODAY & Represent Your City!


OFP Productions Supported by the Cincinnati Arts Association Presents….


Date: Friday, August 25, 2017

MANDATORY Performers Requirements:

STEP 1: Please submit a Photo of yourself and a 3:00-5:00 minute video (cell phone, youtube, etc) of yourself performing your original work. Submit the photo to ofpproductionsusa@gmail.com ATTN: LPSIV

STEP 2: You will receive confirmation that all requested information has been received.

STEP 3: You will receive notification within 48 hours regarding your participation.

STEP 4: Pay Entry Fee:  $60.00 (Non- Refundable)

Submit your requirements & entrance fee via PayPal to ofpproductionsusa@gmail.com


Mail to:

126 N. Main St.

Suite 300

Dayton, Ohio 45402

ATTN: Tripple Croxx Ent-LPS III

(Please notify OFPP via email that you payment has been mailed)

Amenities Included:

All Access on event day

Green room (Food and Drinks)

Pre-event workshop available (T.B.A.)

Video Footage in HD

Event Photography

Live Music: DJ Vada Mixx, Southwest, Ohio Favorite!

Guest Emcee : National Spoken Word Artist and Poet Just GREG


LAST POET STANDING is going on the road! This “Unorthodox SPOKEN WORD Competition” has brought the best performing artists across the Midwest to the stage! Last Poet Standing has the largest individual grand prize, and this summer OFP Productions will collaborate with several organizations to present LPS in the intimate and beautiful Jarson-Kaplan Theatre in Cincinnati, Ohio.  OFP Productions created this style of competition in Dayton 13 years ago.  The #LPS Poetry Competition will feature the word-play, story-telling fiery aesthetic of Spoken Word. The one night only Head to Head competition will highlight performers across the Midwest. Competitors will perform original work, and the event host is nationally renowned Philadelphia “Brave New Voices” coach Just Greg.  The show will include a melting pot of melodic musical vibes and authentic artistry mixed with synergetic Signature flavor.  DJ Vader Mixx will provide music that will be infused into the competition, highlighting music from all genres (Reggae, Jazz, Funk, Blues, R& B, and more) and decades.  Come out to enjoy the Signature’s third production of the decade season and watch the best poets in the region battle to be the Last Poet Standing and win ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. 


For More Information visit us at www.tripplecroxxent.org or http://www.tripplecroxxent-blog.com/

Twitter Hashtag:  #LPSCincy #LPSoralfunkpoetry #LPSohio #LPSIV


DECADE SEASON: Sponsors and Supports:

Seventh Annual Co-presenter: The Human Race Theatre Company, University of Dayton IACT, Signature Educational Solutions, Delish Café, Tripple Croxx Entertainment, Black Box Improv Theatre & Oregon Express, 


 2017 Annual Flyer Final v5


OFP Productions known across the U.S for producing and co-presenting

The Signature: A Poetic Medley Show. The shows spontaneous, edgy, thought provoking and engaging design creates the experience of a New York Off-Broadway Theatrical Revue.  During the DECADE season, OFP Productions will continue to use ingenious expressions of vibrant sexy, racy, and diverse varieties of performance while delivering the show in one incredible two-hour experience. 

For More Information:  http://www.tripplecroxxent-blog.com/ or visit us at www.tripplecroxxent.org

Last Poet Standing Teaser 2017



OFP Productions DECADE SEASON … is on the way!

Dearest Signature Fans,

There is nothing like knowing that you are missed! Thank you for the phone calls, emails & text messages. OFP Productions is alive and well!  We are excited and prepared to celebrate a #DECADE of Producing The Signature: A Poetic Medley Show in Dayton, Ohio at The Loft Theatre.  OFP Productions is honored to continue our Co-presenting partnership with The Human Race Theatre Company.

Signature Fans during the Decade Season you will have an opportunity to spend an evening in Cincinnati, Ohio at the Aronoff Center as well. We have so much more to share and will do so at the best time.  This is a year of celebration for Oral Funk Poetry Productions, our supporters, & patrons and that is how we shall proceed. Signature Friends, stay tuned and save the dates.

Decade Season Subscriptions & Tickets go on sale Wednesday, May 5, 2017!

2017 Annual Flyer Final v5


When Legends Team Up! Amazing Art & Poetry is Revealed!  Join Dr. Haki  Madhubuti & Willis “Bing” Davis at the 10th Annual Visual Voices Celebration

My first experience with poetry outside of Ohio was Upstate New York at the Betty Shabazz Wholistic Retreat Center. The Writer’s Retreat was being hosted by Third World Press. It was life changing. Everyone from Susan Taylor to Sonia Sanchez was there. I connected with artists and writers that I am still connected with today.  On the train ride home from the retreat I received my first phone call from Nikki Giovanni.  As a young poet, these experiences altered my course!

Poets, Writers, and Spoken Word Artists, I encourage you to attend the reception and the after-set session with our Visual Voices special guest Dr. Haki R. Madhubuti. The poetic legend, author, community activist, and founder of Third World Press, Chicago, IL, will be the guest speaker at the 10th Anniversary Dayton Skyscrapers artist reception on Sunday, February 12th, 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. in the Wintergarden at the Schuster Center. (RSVP by February 8, 2017, if you plan to attend the reception)

If you did not see him when he came to Sinclair Community College several years ago or would like another opportunity to experience his wisdom, writing, and poetry, this event will be the perfect opportunity to witness the radical, profomaxresdefaultund, and world renowned, Professor Madhubuti!

HBO DEF POETRY Performance  This will be an amazing honor for Dayton and artists across the region.  Third World Press has been creating strong & innovative traditions in Black Literature for decades!

TWO OPPORTUNITIES IN ONE DAY!  (POETS /WRITERS PLEASE ATTEND) Professor Madhubuti has also agreed to attend a special after-set session at the EbonNia Gallery, 1135 W. Third Street, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. to meet and interact with some of the local writers, artists, and poets.


Sierra Leone| Writer & Artistic Director | OFP Productions 937-241-4957 





The Signature- Live at The Boll Theatre, One Night Only!

For More Information:  Sierra Leone 937-241-4957  | ofpproductionsusa@gmail.com

Black Arts Movement Tribute to Close Ninth Season of The Signature: A Poetic Medley Show on Sept. 16

nina-2Dayton, Ohio (Sept. 1, 2016) – Celebrate the tide-shifting power of poetry, music and art Four Women: A Tribute to Nina Simone and the Black Arts Movement, presented by Oral Funk Poetry Productions and the University of Dayton. This season-closing production of the off-Broadway theatrical revue, The Signature: A Poetic Medley Show, takes place from 8 to 10 p.m. Friday, Sept. 16, at the University of Dayton Boll Theatre, 300 College Park Dr.

Tickets are $25 and available online or by calling 937-228-3630. You can also call (937) 229-2545~ UD Ticketing Info.

2016 September DS Promo v9Sierra Leone, founder and Creative Director of Oral Funk Poetry Productions explains, “The goal of this show is to create two hours that will pay homage to those were alive  during the birth of the Black Arts Movement and able to remember that time and to   allow younger generations to experience the dynamic work that has been the catalyst for cross-cultural artistic collaboration.” She continues, “With the opportunity to present our Productions at The Loft Theatre in partnership with the HRTC,  Host our Pre-DECADE SEASON Fundraiser, collaborate with the Cincinnati Arts Association, The  9th Season has been exciting. Closing the season by partnering with the University of Dayton is priceless.”

In addition to original pieces performed by renowned spoken word artists, Four Women will also feature some of the most iconic works of poetry performed in homage to icons like Amiri Baraka, Nikki Giovanni, and others who drove change in the 1960’s and 70’s. Tributes in dance and music will also highlight the diverse and dynamic nature of the Black Arts Movement. This includes house band for the evening, Dayton’s own Vibe5, known to have listeners grooving to a varied repertoire of genres. Audience members are also welcome to attend a reception after the show and take advantage of the opportunity to dialogue with the cast about their connection to the Black Arts Movement.

“This show will be inclusive of every aspect of The Black Arts Movement era, highlighting specifically the work of Nina Simone as well as innovations in jazz, blues and funk,” Sierra Leone adds. “It also will connect to a modern-day reflection of the experiences of those times through a variety of art forms.”

The Cast includes:sunni-p-2

  • Nationally renowned Spoken Word Artists Sunni Patterson, M’Reld Green and Columbus native Naki Akrobettoe
  • UD Professor Emeritus and Poet Herbert Woodard Martin
  • Sinclair Community College Professor and Writer Furaha Henry Jones,  Dr. G. Scott Jones, D.M.A. on Trombone,                            Blues Legend & Instructor Sharon Lane
  • Dancer, Crystal Perkins, of the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company
  • Saxophonist, Dave Speed of Dayton
  • Spoken Word Artist:  A Slate, Cleavon Matthews, Tripp Fontane
  • Central State University, Percussionist Instructor, Joseph Glenn
  • Poet/Singer  Destiny Donlson & Stivers Dance Student, Allyia Nelloms
  • Ed’Chucky Baker & Choir 3300
  • Dayton-92.1 WROU Program Director & Marconi Award Nominee, Faith Daniels2016 September DS Promo v9

The Signature: A Poetic Medley Show, is co-presented by The University of Dayton Theatre, Dance, and Performance Technology Program. Other supporters are Oral Funk Poetry Productions, Signature Education Solutions, the University of Dayton’s ArtStreet  and The Human Race Theatre Company. The Signature has earned a reputation across the Midwest for being edgy, thought provoking, groundbreaking, funny, engaging, sexy, diverse and spontaneous.

For more information, visit www.tripplecroxxent.org, Home of Urban Creative Arts.


2016 September DS Promo v9


3rd Perk Coffeehouse & Wine Bar to Host Midday Open Mic

third_perk9OFP Productions caught up with Juanita Michelle Darden, Owner of 3rd Perk Coffeehouse & Wine Bar, 46 W 5th St, Dayton, Ohio. Located in the heart of downtown and primed to serve the greater community six days a week.

Q:  What is your favorite movie, why?

A:  My favorite movie is The Wiz.  I love it because it really gives me hope in going for things even though nothing is familiar and if you are in a strange place. It makes me know how important friends are and how different friends fulfill different needs in our lives.  I love this movie because it forces you to  understand that you are equipped with all you need to get where you want to go.

Q: One mistake that you made and what did you learn?

A:  I learned from my first business not to rush.  I proved that I could open a business but I also showed just how easy it is for a business to close (six months).  I learned so much from that experience that help me mold what has become Third Perk.

Q:  As a coffee shop owner, what do you do to recharge?

A:  I find a quiet place where I can be alone and enjoy the silence.  I take time to read, write and reflect.  I also recharge by having conversations with my children.  I have an opportunity to catch up with what is going on with their lives.  I miss so much operating my business.

Q:  What is a typical day like for you?img6549 750xx3264-1836-0-306

A:   I wake up about 5:30am even if I am not opening the café.  I give thanks for another day and another day to be better than I was the day before. Many days I start by a trip the market to collect needed supplies for the day.  I make a list of things that I want to accomplish for the day.  My days are always full, they often include teaching mathematics at our community college.  They often end with me closing Third Perk.

Q:   What are two joys and two challenges about being a hybrid-entrepreneur?

A:   The biggest joy I have experienced is a total surprised, it is the joy of hearing others tell me how I have inspired them and the pursuit of their own dream in business ownership.  It is a great feeling to know that you are empowering others to move into their destiny.

My number one challenge has been the access to capital.  The second challenge has been finding the right talent to play the keys roles in my business.

Q:  Who are your mentors?

A:   My mentor is my best friend Tiffany Bozeman, Bernice Brown a former chair of my department and Peter Simmons the owner of Evans Café

J.Darden-JonesQ:  Is Mathematics your first love?

A:   Mathematics is not my first love.  Entrepreneurship has always been my first love.  Mathematics has been a catalyst to provide a wonderful lifestyle for my family.  It has paved a road that has allowed me to live out my dreams.  Being in mathematics has also given students of color and women the opportunity to have a instructor who they can relate to and to understand that a life of a college professor is a possibility for them as well.

Q:   Who is supporting local arts and up and coming artist a huge part of owning a Coffee House?

A:    There is certain expectations when someone makes a visit to coffeehouse.  They want to feel a freedom to talk, share and to create.  The walls of a coffeehouse should talk.  At Third Perk we have filled our walls with local art work from home grown artist.  We feature one artists’ work every quarter.  The artist has the opportunity to use Third Perk as their own gallery.  It is a total win win for everyone involved.  Third Perk is filled with wonderful pieces, customers enjoy beauty works of art and the artist many times have the opportunity to sell their works.

Q:  Why are you starting a Midday Open Mic?

A:  Another important aspect of having a coffeehouse is having the ability for artist to perform.  At Third Perk we have made an opportunity for artist to take the mic and to speak freely!  Our doors have been open to musicians, songstress and poets.  Friday night has become a favorite night to catch live talent.  The third Thursday of each month a local poet host an open mic night.  This night is open to both poets and other performing artist.  We are expanding our third Thursday open mic night to an afternoon which we have named Mid Day Poetry.  I am looking to draw students from our local community college and workers from adjacent businesses to enjoy local poets share their works.  I am so excited about this.  Dayton is so full of talent and Third Perk has so many opportunities for our local talents to shine bright.

After Last Poet Standing III… Join us at the PRVLGD Lounge & Bistro !

Friday, August 19, 2016,  After Last Poet Standing III,  Please join Last Poet Standing Artist  & the Greater Cincinnati Community at Prvlgd Lounge & Bistro (downtown)!  301 W. Fifth St, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.  Edet Wettee, Thank you for being an advocate and supporter of  Poetry and Live  Jazz music! See you tomorrow!


PRVLGD  is a truly a Beautiful Venue!

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 Information for Tickets to The Last Poet Standing III Show:

Tickets are $25.00 and are on sale now at www.CincinnatiArts.org, (513) 621-ARTS [2787], or at the Aronoff Center Ticket Office.  STUDENT DISCOUNT (on sale now):  $15.00 with a valid student I.D.  Limit (1) discount ticket per student. Available only in person at the Aronoff Center Ticket Office.

The Inside Scoop on DJ Vadar

Q:  What is your favorite movie?
A:  The Wiz” My mom took me to see it as a child and I’ve been in love with it ever since! The music, the art in the sets and background was carefully detailed and relatable to the times. it is a classic that I’ll forever share with her (RIP)
Q:  One mistake that you made and what did you learn?
A:  Not listening to my father on a particular circumstance and thinking I was able to handle it on my own, I wish I would’ve listened but it worked out anyway for the better!
Q:  What is something that people do not know about you?
A:  My live is pretty public so it is not much most don’t know, but one thing is that I HATED my name growing up until I found out the true meaning of it – (Kenyatta, Swahili – King or Great Leader) I wear it with pride now!
Q:  What is a typical day like for you?
A:  I don’t think there is enough room to type this one out! It depends on scheduling for the day! If I’m at the Firehouse, that itself is 24 hours. If I am not at the firehouse, usually I wake at 5:00am and get my day started (Emails, Phone Conferences, Music Mixes, Research etc etc) it can last a few hours or up past midnight depending on the issues at hand!
Q:  What are two joys and two challenges about being a hybrid-entrepreneur ?
A: Both are God’s gift to help someone in need – Firefighter for obvious reasons and DJ’n helps people to forget the stress and worries of the day, if only for a few minutes to relax and unwind, leaving troubles behind. The challenges are ever changing both are never the same routine twice. Firefighting constantly changes, new challenges everyday that we work. Dj’n is challenging as well, very rarely even if it’s the same crowd, no one wants to hear the same routine twice, you constantly have to scan the room and read your crowd ALWAYS!
Q:  Who are your hero’s ?
A:  My father, Mother and all of those giants who shoulders I stand proudly upon that paved a road out of nothing for me and you to connect, build and teach!
Q:  What do you love about Deejay’n?
A:  I love music, all types of music and genres, I love the way a crowd trust me in helping them forget about a bad day, week etc. I love the connection, almost spiritual that we have with music and there’s and elite number of DJ’s that understands this statement. You can play music all day long, but it’s the connection that truly makes you love this art!
Q:  Why is the art of self expression and poetry important to you?  
A:  If there is no expression, we would all be the same, and that’s not fun. Expression is the ultimate stand alone in a crowd, expression is that person that walks into the room that you want to get to know, expression says look at me, I’m different.
Poetry is the same , If everyone started poems out with “Roses are Red” then we’d be in trouble!  I love the different categories of music, art and poetry, it gives the basic need to be heard, to belong, to love, to hate and to entertain  yet there are still stones unturned, and that is expression.

Wise Plumbing Supports 3 Last Poet Standing Participants!


It is always a great day at Wize Plumbing! For over 30 years Wize Plumbing  has serviced the commercial and residential plumbing and excavation needs of greater Cincinnati and the surrounding Tri-State Area. Wize Plumbing is also invested in the future of the next generation of master plumbers in the industry providing opportunities of apprenticeships and partial scholarships to young men interested in the field. As a family owned business our core value is to provide outstanding service and quality results. Wize Plumbing is proud to be of service and to provide service to the community.

Last Poet Standing Participants Rev 2
Wize Plumbing always wants to expand its endeavors past the service industry and support the arts. The poets that we chose to sponsor, Siri Imani, Romeo D’Nati and Tru Fiyah have all shown dedication to their art. Wize Plumbing is excited to provide these artist with the financial support to expand their opportunities in order to help them further their accomplishments in the arts.


Last Poet Standing Participants Rev 2

FREE WORKSHOP:  The Art of Word – Friday, August 19, 4:00- 5:30 PM  – The Aronoff Center – 5/3rd Bank Entrance

Whether you are starting out as an amateur artist or you are a professional that wants more out of your craft, it all starts with a thought for success. This workshop will demonstrate how to turn those thoughts into tangible things. In this dynamic visual concepts and imagination workshop, participants will apply concept-imaging for creativity that focuses on innovative tactics to revolutionize the way artist think, create, and perform. This creative art-themed holistic system provides the foundation necessary for artists of all genres to transcend from amateur to professional.  The holistic approach will help artists reach their full potential.  Today, more artists are learning the four elements of the human personality – body, mind, soul, and spirit – and the Natural Laws under which these artists operate to produce achievement in their craft rather than failure.  Transform your creative world with the power of ideas and application.   Attendees will be able to demonstrate artistic restructuring and concept –imaging techniques used to build a positive foundation of thought and action easily applied to everyday life for success  in business, personal development, and relationships.  This interactive  session, featuring Just Greg among the panel of presenters, will offer expert advice from those seasoned in the fields of performance & spoken word as well as DJ/radio hosting. Professionals are welcome to attend as well, and encouraged to contribute their experiences to the conversation.

Sponsorship opportunities are still available for local businesses interested in increasing their visibility while investing in the arts in Cincinnati. For sponsorship information, contact Oral Funk Poetry Productions at (937) 241-4957.
The Signature: A Poetic Medley Show has earned a reputation across the Midwest for being edgy, thought provoking, groundbreaking, funny, engaging, sexy, diverse, and spontaneous. More information and details are available online at www.tripplecroxxent.org, the home of Urban Creative Arts.
CLICK HERE to watch Last Poet Standing III video.