What’s Going On! OFP Productions Urban Creative Arts, Education, and Healing!

In order to thrive, urban creative artists and entrepreneurs must learn to live within and navigate. For OFP Productions, overcoming that particular struggle is nothing new, but the entire world now finds itself collectively facing an entirely new struggle.

“I woke up with 10 messages that said ‘your gig/workshops are canceled’” says Sierra Leone, recalling a morning only a few weeks ago as Ohio began implementing measures to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

In-person opportunities are, of course, the lifeblood of the artist, sustaining the spirit and the very practical monetary concerns of our world. They also offer artist and audience a chance to commune, to heal, and to create something new. And so, Nate and Sierra Leone decided to create something new to contribute to their community’s continued health and healing.

Pray Play Praise 2020 v2Acacia Health and Wellness joins OFP Productions, Signature Educational Solutions and I Am Moon Power as a new innovative brand leveraging the creativity, wisdom and reliance of Leone and Owens’ work thus far.


“These unchartered waters enable us to launch this new organization because we’ve already spent many days being uncertain,” says Sierra Leone. “Everything we’ve done thus far has primed us for doing this work. We see the need for healing, for inner peace amidst struggle, and we want to stand with our community in this time of need wherever each individual might be on their journey.”

The work of Acacia Health and Wellness will manifest through products, services and apparel with careful links and connections to its sister brands. Cleansing sage, aromatherapy and essential oils, virtual workshops on conscious parenting, arts healing workshops, and educational opportunities in the digital space serve the community and the whole person in a way that’s new, yet familiar.

“Everything we’ve done so far, prepares us to step up and serve our community in the way that’s needed and to sustain ourselves so that we can be there to create more art and perform when we can all gather in person,” says Leone who is still looking forward to in-person events further on the horizon.

1-The Signature - QuarantineFans and friends of The Signature can gather in the digital space more immediately, however. OFP Productions will host a live Signature show on Facebook in celebration of National Poetry Month on Friday, April 3, 2020, beginning at 8pm. This virtual event will feature a variety of performers and artists from all over the US, and Radio Basim, host of WYSO’s Behind the Groove will DJ! The Show will be live on Facebook  Tonight at 8:00pm!

Of this very different reality, Leone says, “All these years of hustle and bustle and leaning on our faith and making art has prepared us for this challenge.”

If you missed the April 3, 2020 show.  We received unified feedback that the show was  “medicine to the soul”. The 2nd installation is on the way- Stay tuned!  Stay Home! Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!


                                                          We are also excited to introduce-

Pray Play Praise 2020 v2


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