The Inside Scoop on DJ Vadar

Q:  What is your favorite movie?
A:  The Wiz” My mom took me to see it as a child and I’ve been in love with it ever since! The music, the art in the sets and background was carefully detailed and relatable to the times. it is a classic that I’ll forever share with her (RIP)
Q:  One mistake that you made and what did you learn?
A:  Not listening to my father on a particular circumstance and thinking I was able to handle it on my own, I wish I would’ve listened but it worked out anyway for the better!
Q:  What is something that people do not know about you?
A:  My live is pretty public so it is not much most don’t know, but one thing is that I HATED my name growing up until I found out the true meaning of it – (Kenyatta, Swahili – King or Great Leader) I wear it with pride now!
Q:  What is a typical day like for you?
A:  I don’t think there is enough room to type this one out! It depends on scheduling for the day! If I’m at the Firehouse, that itself is 24 hours. If I am not at the firehouse, usually I wake at 5:00am and get my day started (Emails, Phone Conferences, Music Mixes, Research etc etc) it can last a few hours or up past midnight depending on the issues at hand!
Q:  What are two joys and two challenges about being a hybrid-entrepreneur ?
A: Both are God’s gift to help someone in need – Firefighter for obvious reasons and DJ’n helps people to forget the stress and worries of the day, if only for a few minutes to relax and unwind, leaving troubles behind. The challenges are ever changing both are never the same routine twice. Firefighting constantly changes, new challenges everyday that we work. Dj’n is challenging as well, very rarely even if it’s the same crowd, no one wants to hear the same routine twice, you constantly have to scan the room and read your crowd ALWAYS!
Q:  Who are your hero’s ?
A:  My father, Mother and all of those giants who shoulders I stand proudly upon that paved a road out of nothing for me and you to connect, build and teach!
Q:  What do you love about Deejay’n?
A:  I love music, all types of music and genres, I love the way a crowd trust me in helping them forget about a bad day, week etc. I love the connection, almost spiritual that we have with music and there’s and elite number of DJ’s that understands this statement. You can play music all day long, but it’s the connection that truly makes you love this art!
Q:  Why is the art of self expression and poetry important to you?  
A:  If there is no expression, we would all be the same, and that’s not fun. Expression is the ultimate stand alone in a crowd, expression is that person that walks into the room that you want to get to know, expression says look at me, I’m different.
Poetry is the same , If everyone started poems out with “Roses are Red” then we’d be in trouble!  I love the different categories of music, art and poetry, it gives the basic need to be heard, to belong, to love, to hate and to entertain  yet there are still stones unturned, and that is expression.

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