Wise Plumbing Supports 3 Last Poet Standing Participants!


It is always a great day at Wize Plumbing! For over 30 years Wize Plumbing  has serviced the commercial and residential plumbing and excavation needs of greater Cincinnati and the surrounding Tri-State Area. Wize Plumbing is also invested in the future of the next generation of master plumbers in the industry providing opportunities of apprenticeships and partial scholarships to young men interested in the field. As a family owned business our core value is to provide outstanding service and quality results. Wize Plumbing is proud to be of service and to provide service to the community.

Last Poet Standing Participants Rev 2
Wize Plumbing always wants to expand its endeavors past the service industry and support the arts. The poets that we chose to sponsor, Siri Imani, Romeo D’Nati and Tru Fiyah have all shown dedication to their art. Wize Plumbing is excited to provide these artist with the financial support to expand their opportunities in order to help them further their accomplishments in the arts.


Last Poet Standing Participants Rev 2

FREE WORKSHOP:  The Art of Word – Friday, August 19, 4:00- 5:30 PM  – The Aronoff Center – 5/3rd Bank Entrance

Whether you are starting out as an amateur artist or you are a professional that wants more out of your craft, it all starts with a thought for success. This workshop will demonstrate how to turn those thoughts into tangible things. In this dynamic visual concepts and imagination workshop, participants will apply concept-imaging for creativity that focuses on innovative tactics to revolutionize the way artist think, create, and perform. This creative art-themed holistic system provides the foundation necessary for artists of all genres to transcend from amateur to professional.  The holistic approach will help artists reach their full potential.  Today, more artists are learning the four elements of the human personality – body, mind, soul, and spirit – and the Natural Laws under which these artists operate to produce achievement in their craft rather than failure.  Transform your creative world with the power of ideas and application.   Attendees will be able to demonstrate artistic restructuring and concept –imaging techniques used to build a positive foundation of thought and action easily applied to everyday life for success  in business, personal development, and relationships.  This interactive  session, featuring Just Greg among the panel of presenters, will offer expert advice from those seasoned in the fields of performance & spoken word as well as DJ/radio hosting. Professionals are welcome to attend as well, and encouraged to contribute their experiences to the conversation.

Sponsorship opportunities are still available for local businesses interested in increasing their visibility while investing in the arts in Cincinnati. For sponsorship information, contact Oral Funk Poetry Productions at (937) 241-4957.
The Signature: A Poetic Medley Show has earned a reputation across the Midwest for being edgy, thought provoking, groundbreaking, funny, engaging, sexy, diverse, and spontaneous. More information and details are available online at www.tripplecroxxent.org, the home of Urban Creative Arts.
CLICK HERE to watch Last Poet Standing III video.

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