Mr. Bobo ~ A Cincinnati Business Owner – Supports 3 Poets for the Upcoming Last Poet Standing III Competition

skyboxx logo 7 copy   OFP Productions is Excited to Announce Mr. Bobo’s Support!

As a lifelong lover of the Arts and an artist myself, I have always been drawn to the magnificent art form that is Spoken Word. I am a firm believer in the soul cleansing power displayed through both the writing and sharing. I believe it takes tremendous courage to grab the mic and speak of one’s lightest and darkest secrets. To share stories laced with triumph and tragedy, others filled with humor and satire. And of course there’s occasionally those pieces packed full of unsure and/or assured sexuality.  Spoken Word Artist repeatedly “Spit” with or without conviction in dark rooms, facing few friends and plenty of strangers; all for the love of the art and the release that it brings.
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When I became aware of the Last Poet Standing competition I definitely wanted to provide an opportunity via sponsorship for a few of my favorite poets to participate. Huggy Bear Da Poet,  Symana She Speaks,  and Jugh Jefner, rank high on my list so financially supporting them was really a no brainer. It is my honor to back their quest and show them my genuine respect for what they do and the unique way in which they do it.  Hopefully one of them will bring home the win. However, even if that is not the outcome I am assured that every person in attendance will be better for having heard the heart of these poets and win, lose, or draw, that does my heart good.

I strongly urge everyone reading this to get involved with your local Art Scene. Sponsor an event, Host one at your place of business, or simply show up! Your presence is worth more than gold to those brave enough to grab the microphone and share and also to those of us that do open our doors so that this art form has a consistent platform. Believe me it cost me more monetarily to house Open Mics, karaoke, etc. but the real dividends our received in my soul and are chiseled in the DNA of my legacy, and that to me is priceless.

Thank you for allowing me to be a sponsor these three amazing Artist for this phenomenal event. I look forward to seeing who will be crowned The Last Poet Standing.

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Click Here:  For More Information about Last Poet Standing III & tickets! 



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