WORDPLAY ~Local Cincinnati Org Sponsors Poet for the Upcoming Last Poet Standing III Competition

WordPlay is a creative learning center dedicated to transforming communities through education and innovation. The organization provides free programming to students in grades K-12 to build skills for personal and academic success so children and teens can break the generational cycles of poverty. WordPlay’s five elements of transformation are woven into each of its programs: Personal Development, Innovative Learning Strategies, Community-Building, Creative Expression, and Future Orientation. 

Lacy “Asylum” Robinson came to WordPlay at the beginning of his senior year at Aiken High School in 2014. WordPlay became a lifeline for him offering a supportive artistic community through rough times. This experience even sparked a new perspective on his stage name that previously alluded to mental health struggles, evolving into  ” I am Asylum, your Safe Place.” He quickly became an integral part of the organization’s poetry and spoken word community, working closely with WordPlay’s teaching artists Desirae Hosley and Elyse Daniel and mentoring other young poets himself. Lacy went on to win the individual competition of Cincinnati’s first annual Louder Than a Bomb youth poetry slam in 2015 from among hundreds of participants, and continues to perform and advocate for social justice through his poetry. 

Click Here:  For More Information about Last Poet Standing III  & to purchase tickets! 


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