Katrina 2031 | Sierra Leone | TEDxDayton | What is next for Ms. Sierra Leone & TCE?

Tripple Croxx Entertainment

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. In Sierra Leone’s TEDxDayton talk, she discusses and performs her fictionalized monologue of Katrina survivor, Angela Chaffee. Inspired by real-life incidences, this work weaves the struggles of humanity into each line and addresses the far-reaching effects of devastation and oppression. It is a journey not taken lightly by listeners.

Through her poetry and on stage productions, Sierra aims to always connect the dots, embed parts of history and inspire her audience to come alive. Often referred to as Healing Producer and Artist Impresario of Urban Creative Arts, this poet, author, community activist, producer, educator and entrepreneur is known for using her hybrid style and personalized collaboration to design authentic works. Born Lucy Owens, Sierra is the President of Tripple Croxx Entertainment and Director of Signature Educational Solutions; a leading independent, creative-arts and educational organization in…

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