Creative Arts Communities, In four Cities, Celebrate Maya Angelou … Dayton, Ohio, @ Bing Davis Studio Rooftop “Words From the Rooftop”

Additional Cities signed on to participate in “Words From the Rooftop”
We are excited to announce that Columbus, Ohio Lincoln Theatre, University of Northern Kentucky & Greenville, South Carolina, will be joining Dayton, Ohio in Celebration, by hosting a “Words From The Rooftop” Event for there Communities. During this week (June 16-June 22, 2014) artist and greater creative arts communities will be coming together in different locations. If you are near, join us, Bing Davis Studio Rooftop @6:00pm, Saturday June 21, 2014.

#noentrancefee #wrightdunbardistrict #DaytonCreativeArtsCommunity #yourcitycanjoinus #Amiribaraka #mayaangelou #rubydee See More

Spoken Word on the ROOFTOP
SATURDAY: June 21st
Bing Davis Art Studio Rooftop

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