Iyanla . . . Fix My Life! premiers on OWN!


         Much Love 2 – U

            From Iyanla

Water Love Image
June 2012
 Iyana Fix It 1    
SATURDAY, June 2, 2012 – 10p
Iyanla .  . . Fix My Life! premiers on OWN!
      This will be a “sneak peek” at the show that will begin in the fall.  While the title suggests that Iyanla is doing the fixing, the truth is, the incredible guests are doing the work.  Together, Iyanla and the guests tackle difficult issues; heart-wrenching and longstanding issues, that are common in the world today.  What makes this show different is that the work leads to a resolution.  This show is about the courage to tell your story in the world, being vulnerable and, to being open to healing and change. 
       Be sure to tune in and Tweet Live with Iyanla during the show.  We are asking all true Iyanla followers to host a Viewing Party with 10 people.  In fact, we want you to go all out and cook for your guests.  Send us your menu for the party, your list of guests and how long you have known each of them.
   Send your menu and guest list to IyanlaFixMyLife@gmail.com. The largest group and the best menu will receive a special gift from Iyanla – – really!

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